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JSA Example – Overview

Before we go through this JSA example, let’s first take a look at a completed JSA / JHA / JSEA.

The PDF file produced by JSA OnTheGo can be broken down to four main parts:

JSA Template The header (company information and task details)

Risk Matrix Tool header company task details

Company information: Name address and contact number.

Task details: Job title and description, date, any permits required, site location and area.

The header (risk matrix)

JSA Example – Overview Risk Matrix Tool

Risk matrix: Legend and memory jogger.

The Process

JSA Example – Overview process

The process outlines all steps required for the job.

Each step describes:

  • any potential hazards and control measures put in place to reduce risk.
  • hazard (inherent risk) and control (residual risk) ratings.
  • assignment of control measures (to either ‘specific’ or ‘all’ team members).


signatures cropped

It is a legal requirement that all team members must review and sign the document before the job is commenced.

Hazard reference photos (optional)

JSA JHA - Hazard reference photos

Quite often, hazards can be described in photos far more efficiently than through writing alone.

If any photos have been used in the JSA, this section will be appended to the end of the document.

All photos are displayed and referenced to their corresponding hazard descriptions.

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