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JSA JHA assign team members to controls

JSA App Overview

JSA OnTheGo’s intuitively designed interface and built in ‘compliance checking’ helps to ensure that your JSA / JHA / JSEA will adhere to the strictest of standards with minimum effort.

In very little time, you will be producing professional formatted and color-coded PDF files that have been digitally signed and timestamped. All team members can easily review the JSA, hazard reference photos and their assigned roles before signing.

Risk assessments are simple to create and we have included an easy to use Critical Risk Management module if required. You can even add reference photos with mark-ups from within the app!

Our fully customizable risk matrix editor allows you to create your own tailored risk matrices to suit your existing rating system which is reflected throughout the app and in the final PDF file produced.

If you find typing a bit tedious, we have included a simple to use speech-to-text function and a hazard/control favorites list to really speed things up!

One of the huge time-saving features is the ability to reuse most of a completed JSA when creating a new (similar one). Simply choose which parts you would like to include and 99{82904f602084f8e715c4a42deefb1718bb7d6d5cf1981485074548890597de86} of the work is done for you!

As you create your JSA, it is constantly saved – so you know that you can go back to where you left off at any time… and your PDF files are saved to the cloud for instant retrieval in-case you lose or update your device.

Even if you don’t have internet access on site, you can still generate your JSA/JHA/JSEA document (provided you have an active subscription) and you will be still be able to produce a signed and timestamped PDF for the workplace inspector on demand!

In order for you to really see the huge benefits of using this app in your workplace, we provide an obligation free 7- day trial that allows you to save unlimited signed JSA’s during this period.

After this, you may purchase them either on an individual basis or through one our unlimited subscription plans.

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