JSA On The Go

JSA On The Go Pricing

Individual Use

(typically signed in via Google or Facebook)


United States (USD $)


On-demand purchase


1 month subscription


3 month subscription


6 month subscription


1 year subscription


*Prices subject to change

Company Volume Licensing


What is JSA OnTheGo company licensing?

Company licensing allows your employees to use the app under a single subscription plan.

A minimum of 5 licence slots is required.

Access to our web-based dashboard

Company admins are also granted access to our web-based dashboard which allows you to:

  • Search for, viewand download all JSAs created by your employees.
  • Upload templates for your employees to access from within the app.
  • View your subscription details, invoices and make payments.
Achieve consistency and flexibility in your workplace

To help you to achieve consistency and flexibility in your work place, JSA OnTheGo ensures that all documents produced by your licensed users includes:

  • Your company information
  • Your preferred document type (JSA/JHA/JSEA)
  • Critical/fatal risk management inclusion (optional module)
  • Company logo
  • Custom risk matrix (optional)
Company subscription pricing
  • The cost per licence is currently $10AUD per licence per month (generally only job supervisors require licenses).
  • A minimum purchase of 5 licences is required to qualify for a company subscription and there is no limit on the number of licence slots that you may purchase.
  • We are currently offering a 3-week obligation free trial period.
Huge savings

Save more than 30{c51ce66e1d7a68f5bb496be363184b823e800fdbc87527df49ff60b03066e821} on licences purchased under our company subscription plan -compared to the price of individual subscriptions.

For less than $0.35 per day per licence, your productivity will increase dramatically as you make your workplace safer.

We are currently offering an obligation free trial period.