Safety Accountability Efficiency

Take advantage of our paperless system today!



Legibility and custom algorithms help eliminate human error.

Integrated cloud backup means no more lost or damaged paperwork.

Include hazard reference photos with mark-ups directly from the app.


Assign team members to specific control measures.

All team members required to review and sign before the document can be completed.

Easily update team members roles and job descriptions on-the-fly.


No more time-wasting trips to the office while workers wait around.

Save hours using ‘Create from previous’ and ‘Template import’ functions.

Easily amend completed JSAs on-the-fly if conditions change.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)
Job Safety and Environmental  Analysis (JSEA)

Download our JSA app for free and start creating today with our obligation free 7 day trial.

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We don't compromise safety for time... we simply get it done SAFER and FASTER!

The key foundation of our design is focused on safety.


Fortunately, recent advances technology have allowed us to make this process both safer and more efficient than using traditional methods.


Custom designed algorithms and JSA specific user interfaces help to ensure an error free document in minimal time… and it all gets backed up on the cloud!



Ensure ACCOUNTABILITY... the correct way

How many workplace incidents are the result of workers not realizing that one of the control measures was actually their responsibility?


JSA-OnTheGo allows for individual team members to be assigned to specific controls to help eliminate confusion and ensure accountability.


No more, “I thought Jack was doing that…” excuses – after the accident!

Maximum EFFICIENCY... intuitive design

JSA OnTheGo provides many time saving features to speed up your workflow.

In-app risk matrix calculator, risk assessment favorites list, custom speech-to-text input, site geo-locator, in-app camera for hazard reference photos and mark-ups, an optional Critical/Fatal Risk Management module, just to mention a few…


To really speed things up… our Create from previous function allows you to use information from a previously completed JSA to instantly create a new one.


If you prefer to create your JSAs on your PC or Mac, try our free JSA Template Creator software to create JSAs that can be imported into directly into the app and ready to sign in seconds.

JSA OnTheGo’s intuitively designed interface and built in ‘compliance checking’ helps to ensure that your JSA / JHA / JSEA will adhere to the strictest of standards with minimum effort.

In very little time, you will be producing professional formatted and color-coded PDF files that have been digitally signed and timestamped. All team members can easily review the JSA, hazard refence photos and their assigned roles before signing.

Risk assessments are simple to create and you can even add reference photos with mark-ups from within the app!

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