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Risk Matrix Editor

The editing features listed below also apply to our stand-alone Risk Matrix Tool app.


Most companies have their own tailored risk matrix to suit their own specific requirements. So, we have provided the option to modify our generic risk matrix with the ability to save up to three of your own custom matrices.

You can easily change between the default and saved risk matrices by tapping on them in the side menu. Any documents that you resume or create after this will reflect the change immediately.

To customize your currently selected risk matrix, open the side menu and tap the ‘Customize risk matrix’ item in the Risk Matrix section.

NOTE: tapping the ‘Reset’ button at nay time will reload our generic risk matrix

Modifying the legend key


Tap the description labels to edit the descriptions of each selected range.

Risk matrix editor legend key descriptions


Tapping the colored range labels will bring up a dialog that will allow you to set the range for the selected legend key.

(changes will be instantly updated on the matrix grid below for reference)

Risk matrix editor legend key range dialog
Risk matrix editor legend key range dialog

Number of legend keys

Tap the toggle switches to enable or disable keys.

(changes will be instantly updated on the matrix grid belowfor reference)

Note: It is a requirement that a minimum of 3 key ranges must be enabled.

Risk matrix editor legend key selection

Modifying the matrix grid


Tap the description likelihood / consequences labels to edit the descriptions to suit your existing risk matrix.

Grid numbering

Tapping on a grid number will allow you to reassign a new number to that particular slot in the grid matrix.

Note: The slot belonging to the new number that you have selected will be replaced with the original number that you tapped on.

Matrix grid numbering
Matrix grid descriptions

Finishing up

Saving your custom risk matrix

Tap the ‘Save’ icon located in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select a save slot and give it a name.

After selecting ‘Done’, the editor will close and your new risk matrix becomes the active one.

Risk matrices can be change at any time by tapping on them from the side menu and the changes will instantly be reflected throughout the app.

NOTE: When the risk matrix customizer is launched, it always displays the currently loaded risk matrix for modification by default.

Matrix grid how to save

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