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Can I assign more than one team member to a specific control measure?

Yes. Add the control measure and assign the first team member.
Long press on the control measure, select duplicate and assign an additional team member.
Repeat as many times as required.


duplicate feature

How do I export a JSA template

Templates can be exported from the Job Review page.

A share icon will appear in the top right hand corner when there are no red highlight warnings in the REQUIRED PERMITS, STEPS or CRITICAL RISK MANAGEMENT (if in use) sections.

Tap the icon to export via any options available on your device.

Quicktips (template export)

I sub-contract to more than one company. Do I have to enter the new company details each time?

No. You can add additional companies by tapping the arrow on the ‘company information’ section of the JSA overview page. Any companies in the list can then be selected for specific jobs at any time.

multiple companies

Is the JSA PDF file produced considered to be an official legal document?

Yes. Also, the PDF file cannot be created until it digitally signed and time-stamped.

What is the difference between a JSA and a JHA?

Basically the terminology of the title.

There may be some subtleties relating to the perspective of the analysis. However, the documents produced are effectively the same.

Both the app and the final document will reflect your selection. Select your preferred document type from the side menu.

jsa vs jha

Why do I need to do a hazard rating AND a control rating?

The purpose of a JSA / JHA is to reduce risk. Therefore, this allows the app to verify both ratings to ensure that the risk is actually reduced.

risk ratings

Will the app still work without an internet connection?

Yes. However, you will need an active subscription to create your PDF file.

If you are offline for extended periods of time, it is advisable to run a manual sync when you resume internet connectivity to ensure that your JSA data and PDF files are backed up to our cloud server.