JSA On The Go

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Main Interface Options

Create new JSA

Begin creating a new JSA from scratch.

Resume JSA

Any JSAs that have not been signed and saved appear here.

Select from the list to resume where you left off at any time.

Create from previous

This option allows you create a ready-to-go JSA / JHA in seconds by using a previously completed document like a template.

Tap the ‘Create from previous’ button on the main options page, and select the similar JSA /JHA from the list.

A pop-up will appear in which you can select what information you would like to copy (from your completed document) into your new document.

Amend JSA

Should something happen that would invalidate the JSA /JHA currently in use (such as a new person coming on to the job), the JSA / JHA can be easily amended.

Tap the ‘Amend JSA / JHA’ button on the main options page, and select the current JSA /JHA from the list.

Simply edit the document the way that you normal would to suit the updated situation.

Review and sign the amended document and you’ll be ready to go again.

Note: Certain information is prevented from being accidentally edited on an amended JSA / JHA. That being; company details, task details and the site location.

Preview JSA

Should you wish to view/export/email the PDF file from your device, tap the preview JSA / JHA button on the main options page and select it from the list.

Note: If you are signed in on a different device it will attempt to retrieve the PDF file from our cloud server.

Cloud sync

This is a manual sync option and should be used if you do not always have an internet connection when using the app.

From the main options page, tap the ‘Cloud sync’ button and press ‘Sync now’.

Note: This will help to ensure that all of your JSA / JHA data and PDF files are backed up to our cloud sever should you ever need to recover them.

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